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Kagihime Monogatari – Eikyuu Alice Rondo Description:

Plot Summary: Aruto Kirihara lives with his dotting sister Kiraha in a stylized German town. He is in love with Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland stories, and writes his own fanfiction involving the characters. One day, a girl resembling a character from his story, Arisu Arisugawa, appears in real life. She introduces Aruto to a secret world where girls do battle to obtain each other's pages locked inside themselves. The one who obtains all the pages can compile the Eternal Alice and have their wish granted.


Lewis Caroll wrote two volumes about the adventures of Alice in Wonderland, but there's a rumor of a mystical third volume. In order to compile the last book, magical bunny-girl warriors do battle with eachother, stripping the defeated of pages locked inside them.


Genres: action, drama, magic, romance Themes: fanservice, incest, Magical girl, yuri
Kagihime Monogatari – Eikyuu Alice Rondo Episodes: